Green Party of New Jersey Holds Annual Convention!! — Sunday, Aug. 14th from 11:30am to 4:30pm

August 10, 2022
Hello Green Party friends, family and allies!
We welcome everyone to attend our 2022 Green Party of New Jersey State Annual Convention online via Zoom this Sunday August 14th, 11:30am-4:30pm. Almost two-thirds of Americans still believe in the need for a third party so we ask you to share this email and register through the link below.
The Green Party has made national headlines in 2022 due to Democrats working to undermine democracy in North Carolina. They challenged grassroots organizers working collectively to regain ballot access for the North Carolina Green Party by petitioning for Matthew Hoh to be their NCGP 2022 US Senate Candidate.
We welcome New Jersey born Hoh as our keynote speaker to explain and update what has transpired this year.
We also welcome Lucy Pagoada-Quesada co-host of WBAI Radio “Voices of Resistance” to discuss the recent Colombia elections and shift in Latin American politics, including her and her party, D19’s work in throwing off the shackles of a narco-dictator put in place as a result of a coup in Honduras in 2009.
Scott Desnoyers, a father who lost his son due to the inhumanity of the private medical insurance industry, will speak as well. Scott is a strong advocate for single-payer improved medicare for all, working to bring attention to this issue which impacts us all. His story is also featured in the brand new “Healing US” documentary.
Barry Bendar for Lacey Township Committee will update us on his campaign. There will be officer elections, reports from our committees, chapter liaisons, our caucuses-YES Young EcoSocialists and LatinX Caucus along with introduction of any potential bylaw amendments.
Date: August 14th, 2022
Time: 11:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Place: Via ZOOM Link
Register Here:
We are working on the final schedule for the convention. This will be posted on our website this week along with a separate email for everyone. So make sure to check out our website here:
We have 11,607 registered Greens in New Jersey as of August 1st. As we continue to grow please consider reaching out and joining us. We recognize both dues paying members and voters registered as Greens. We have been supporting the unionization efforts across the country and want to do more to help in New Jersey. So if you are a Starbucks, Trader Joes, Amazon, Apple employee or work for another company considering to unionize, please reach out to us. We see each day that collectively our strength lies together. Let’s bring forth the change we seek! If you are unable to attend please consider donating to help with our operational expenses, in supporting upcoming actions and our political campaigns. You can donate here:
We hope to see you all at the meeting!
Green Party of NJ Co-Chairs
Lily Benavides
Kim Meudt
GPNJ Communications Chair
Craig Cayetano