The Green Party of New Jersey runs candidates for political office aligned with the party’s 4 pillars, peace, ecology, democracy, and social justice, 10 key values, and platform. We are an activist organization working in our North, Central, South, and Jersey Shore communities. Make a donation NOW to support our anti-capitalist activism & politics!

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Greens and Groups Call on Biden to Sign Nuclear Ban Treaty on 2nd Anniversary and 2023 Doomsday Clock Announcement

DC Statehood Green Party member David Schwartzman joined members of at The White House on Sunday to celebrate delivery of the Letter to President ...
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GPNJ Statement of Solidarity with Railroad Workers

GPNJ Statement of Solidarity with Railroad WorkersThe concept of "survival of the fittest" is based on a balance between prey ...
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Join Voter Choice New Jersey in Jersey City for good food and Ranked Choice Voting!

The hybrid event will include campaign speeches and posters for all of the restaurant candidates, and those present will vote ...
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Green Party of New Jersey Holds Annual Convention!! — Sunday, Aug. 14th from 11:30am to 4:30pm

August 10, 2022 Hello Green Party friends, family and allies! We welcome everyone to attend our 2022 Green Party of New Jersey ...
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We Need Universal Health Care — NOW! Green Party of NJ Marches for Improved Medicare for All! Addresses it at 2:15pm on 8/14/22 Annual Convention

Date: August 9, 2022 Contact: Tom Cannavo (908)783-3941 Barry Bendar (609)276-3183 GREEN PARTY OF NEW JERSEY JOINS MARCH FOR MEDICARE ...
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Earth Day is here, time for action!

April 25, 2022                 Earth Day is here, time for action! Join in national efforts to mark this important time of yearwith actions ...
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We Decry The Unforgivable Sin of Legalized Manslaughter for Profit

“We Decry The Unforgivable Sin of Legalized Manslaughter for Profit!”The Story of Danny Desnoyers’ Preventable SuicideDate: April 13, 2022Contact: Madelyn ...
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Time to End the Cold War

Time to End the Cold War      Do you ever feel a need to check the calendar to see ...
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Governor Murphy: Don’t Divest From Ben and Jerry’s!

Madelyn Hoffman, Green Party of New Jersey’s candidate for GovernorCalls on Governor Murphy to “Let Ben and Jerry’s decide how and ...
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Extend Unemployment Benefits!! Implement a Living Wage of $22/hour!

"Many must rely on an income boost from the barebones social safety net even after working full time. New Jersey ...
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WHEN:  Dec 8th – 6 PM

WHERE: Jersey City – City Hall,  280 Grove Street, Jersey City

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