For 2019…

Craig Cayetano

Hawthorne Town Council Ward 3

“I’m a lifelong Northern New Jersey resident, predominantly from Bergenfield, but have resided in Hawthorne for fifteen years now. I’m second generation Peruvian on my father’s side and Italian/German descent on my mother’s. Both my mother and grandmother were hardworking waitresses so living paycheck to paycheck was our way of life. I had been a busboy for them from time to time. Then, I was hired to be a veterinary technician at sixteen and was self-taught. Even back then I was a very good listener. I had varied interests growing up: baseball, basketball, soccer, wrestling, band, debate but mainly science and the environment were my focus. I helped to form our high school Environmental Club. I was it’s president as well. I studied Biology, Political Science and Philosophy while attending community college before being thrust into the full-time sales workforce. I still am constantly studying one topic or another almost daily and am always learning.

I have always believed in and worked for fairness towards all political parties. Trying to always study all sides of the political spectrum and to develop a common sense or “real world” approach to issues. I have supported many Independent or Alternative candidates up and down the ballot in every election. After stepping away from politics, I re-engage during 2015 for the Sanders primary campaign and supported him until his concession. Since then, I have seen the control, influence and harm the two-party system has affected the electoral process. I respect those that still vote in every election but remain Independent or Unaffiliated. I understand why some have even decided not to vote. While volunteering on a few campaigns over the last few years I truly listen to their reasons and concerns. I honestly love conversing about the day-to-day issues that matter most to people. I strive to build the Green Party because it is focused on community, environment, labor and not beholden to any corporate interests or donors. I first started locally as a member, then Nationally as one of our state’s National Delegates and now as a State Co-Chair. I try to lead by example and have been a listener, activist, organizer and will be a strong advocate for the people here in Ward 3 and for all of Hawthorne.”

From 2018…

Madelyn Hoffman

US Senate


Madelyn Hoffman has been one of the state’s leading voices for peace for nearly two decades. Madelyn is also a strong advocate for the environment, having worked with more than 200 New Jersey communities and local governments over nearly 20 years to protect against toxic chemical pollution of New Jersey’s air, water and soil.

With a track record of environmental activism, social justice passions, and a willingness to speak truth to power Madelyn is what this country needs. Learn more about her campaign at

Diane Moxley

US Congress CD-7

Diane Moxley is Running for Congress as a candidate for The Green Party of New Jersey.  She is also a mom, lawyer, activist, advocate for social justice and for human rights.

Diane got her undergrad degree in political science and philosophy from Kean University with her young daughter in tow at the on-campus daycare center. As an undergrad and single parent. She knew what it felt like to literally pinch pennies and other coins dug out of seat cushions to buy  milk. Diane spent time on welfare lines. Then with some perseverance and a lot of loans, she graduated from CUNY Law with the specific purpose of serving those in need, those left behind without representation.

We have watched as successive governments chipped away at the things our families need in favor of building an imperialist empire. The military budget for 2018 is over $700 billion and was agreed upon almost unanimously by the current Congress. That money is better spent on education, infrastructure, and education geared towards developing a more peaceful world. Read More…

Johnnie Lattner

For Board of Education in Newark
Election Date: April 17, 2018

Mr. Lattner is a dedicated public education advocate at the local, state and national level. He is the co-founder and Director of Community Relations for PULSE (Parents United for Local School Education) as well as a member of the coordinating committee for Journey for Justice, and a chairman of the #WeChoose campaign.

Mr. Lattner had the opportunity to travel to cities across the United States in cities such as Chicago, New Orleans, and Washington, DC where he researched community schools, restorative justice, local school councils, effect of charter schools expansion, moratorium on privatization, local control, student organizing, progressive revenue and equity assessments.

Commitment, Dedication, Experience, Putting the Community First, Not Just Words Action.



AMP – A Movement of the People

For Newark Council
Election Date: May 8, 2018

Three of the four candidates on this team are Green Party members.

AMP on Facebook

Victor Monterrosa, Jr.

Victor grew up in the South Ironbound and is a constant advocate for his neighbors there and across the City. He is an attorney at Covenant House NJ and represents homeless youth all across the state. Before becoming a people’s lawyer, Victor spent 10 years organizing low-income tenants and played a key role to keep public housing from being demolished. Most recently, he helped form and lead Homes for All, a coalition of Newarkers who forced the City of Newark to adopt a strong Rent Control Ordinance.



Anthony Diaz

Anthony grew up in a big blue and white house on the corner of Weequahic and Maple avenues in the South Ward. As a student at Science High School on Rector Street, he successfully student campaign to ensure better classroom conditions and lunch programs. Anthony is a leader in the Black Lives Matter Newark. He advocates for affordable homes and community back development at city council meetings. He is committed to amplifying and centering community voices over politics as usual.



 Hellane Freeman

Hellane has lived in the North Ward of Newark for over 40 years. She always been an advocate for her neighborhood and city. She worked as urban planner for 9 years across New Jersey and holds several Masters degrees from (Library Sciences to Public Administration). She is an active member and leader of the Homes for All Newark. She spoke and received the support of hundreds of Newarkers to get a strong Rent Control Ordinance in Newark.




Zellie Thomas

For Council-at-large in Paterson
Election Date: May 8, 2018

Zellie Thomas is a lifelong Paterson resident, an accomplished educator and activist who is committed to creating safe, thriving and sustainable communities. All residents, regardless of ethnicity, creed, sexuality, gender or zip code, deserve access to living wage jobs, affordable housing and quality education. It’s time for leaders that bring accountability, integrity, and more inclusiveness to local government.

Zellie on Facebook
Read “Paterson Activist for Black Lives Matter declares run for council seat.”