Earth Day is here, time for action!

April 25, 2022                
Earth Day is here, time for action!
Join in national efforts to mark this important time of year
with actions from Earth Day to May Day! 
For more information contact:
Madelyn Hoffman (973)876-1023
Barry Bendar (609) 276-3183
This Earth Day, Greens and others joined together across movements & borders, calling for solutions as big as the crises barreling down on us: Climate Collapse, Endless War, Crushing Economic and Racial Inequality, Recurrent Pandemic, Rising Authoritarianism, and the Assault on Freedoms of Press, Privacy and Protest.
In New Jersey, there is a hearing of the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission on the proposed fracked gas power plant in the Ironbound section of Newark this coming Tuesday, April 26th at 6 PM. This will be the first and only hearing on this project. This will be a virtual hearing.
RSVP here to join us, the Green Party of New Jersey April 26th at 6pm for the virtual public hearing:
(all RSVPs will get an email including all the details on how to join the virtual meeting as well as suggested talking points and background information – this information will be provided by Empower NJ)
Enough is enough! We must double our efforts to hold the Governor and PVSC accountable, and that starts with a huge turnout at this first and only environmental justice public hearing on this project!  
In solidarity with Newark’s fight for clean air and environmental justice, please Call NJ Senate Majority Leader Teresa Ruiz who is from and represents Newark in the legislature. Urge her to use her powerful voice to protect clean air for Newark by publicly opposing the PVSC power plant: Call 1-855-980-2331 between 9am and 5pm M-F to reach her legislative office.
We also call for New Jersey residents to join a national effort to Boycott Gasoline at least one day between April 26th (the date of the hearing on the fracked gas power plant in Newark) and May Day 2022! 
No to Gasoline – No to Fossil Fuels – No to War! 
This is a perfect time to break the chains of oil dependency, as another war over oil consumes us. Let’s use our feet, public transportation, our bicycles, and carpools to run the war makers and oil-igarchies off the road. 

In addition, as part of Earth Day through May Day Actions, We Call For:

  • Emergency Post WWII-scale Green New Deal with the right to a good union job in a just economy
  • Changes to infrastructure that include 100% clean renewables by 2030, no fossil or nuclear energy and regenerative agriculture
  • Economic bill of rights: Living wages, Medicare for All, free public higher education, affordable housing & public transit, food security, union rights, right to housing, abolish student and medical debt
  • Global Green New Deal: developed nations aid developing nations with green technology & solutions. In fact, we celebrate the recent decision of the Colombian Licensing Agency to deny permission to EcoPetrol to begin a pilot project for fracking in Puerto Wilches, Colombia. As New Jersey Greens, we provided written and video support for the Colombian activists’ efforts.
  • Support civil liberties & human rights: path to citizenship, reparations, & Indigenous rights. LGBTQIA+ rights. Stop violence against women. 
  • Independent journalism and a free press are required in a in functional democracy so we must free Assange, Peltier, Abu-Jamal & all political prisoners. Today, we hail the release of attorney Steven Donzinger from almost 1000 days of arrest due to his successful lawsuit against Chevron on behalf of indigenous in Ecuador concerned about damage to the rain forest.
  • Community control of police, end mass incarceration, deportations, & mass surveillance
  • End militarism, imperialism, colonialism & economic warfare. Support global health justice & human rights. End the ongoing human rights disasters in Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, Ukraine, & beyond
  • Global ceasefire. Redirect trillions from war profiteering to urgent action on climate change
  • Join global nuclear weapons ban. End deadly economic sanctions & drone warfare
  • Economic justice: tax the rich, public banks, community/worker co-ops, small business & fair trade
  • Build real democracy: End Citizens United, corporate personhood, voter suppression & barriers to ballot access. Support publicly funded elections, proportional ranked choice voting & inclusive debates

Let’s make the movement for people, planet & peace over profit a tidal wave that can’t be ignored!