Theresa Markila

About Theresa Markila

Theresa is an activist, community organizer, and leader in the northern part of New Jersey. She is committed to the struggles for justice for all humanity and for the earth: immigration, poverty, LGBTQ, healthcare, peace, imperialism, white supremacy, colonialism, ecosocialism, and providing dignity for all regardless of who they are or where they came from. She leads workshops on a number of topics and hosts a podcast at NJ Revolution radio.

The Green Party of New Jersey doesn’t just stand in solidarity with the immigrant justice movement. We have been a part of it, joining local organizations, attending rallies, speaking out, educating, and more. Immigrant justice benefits all people, and we will not stop the fight until it’s won. We view […]

Immigrant Justice

Thank you everyone for getting out and voting today. Though most of the work for change is done between and outside of elections, it’s important for everyone who is eligible to come out and let the country hear all your voices and know your hopes and vision for a new […]

Thank you for voting.