The Green Party is here to stay

The establishment says that the proper response to an unfair and undemocratic system, a system that they built and maintain, is for all other parties and voices to just shut up and go home.

We say, if the system is not working then fix the system.

We’re not going anywhere. As long as government represents the wealthy and powerful instead of the people, the Green Party will be here fighting and speaking out and running candidates. As long as they continue to use racism, classism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia to divide us and prop themselves up, the Green Party will be here educating, organizing, listening, and empowering. As long as they deny their culpability for the destabilization, oppression, deaths and destruction here and around the world, the Green Party will be pushing for transparency and accountability.

We don’t have the money to reach people the same way that the establishment does. But we will keep knocking on doors, holding events and actions, and getting to know you while you get to know us. It takes time to reach people one at a time, but you will see us.

Because a government that doesn’t serve the people doesn’t deserve to be the government. And the people certainly don’t deserve that government either. We can do better.