A message from new co-chair Theresa Markila

Hello Greens and allies! I am proud and excited to be starting my term as one of your co-chairs this June, 2018.

I’m looking forward to working with all of you and I thank you so much for your ongoing support and trust, not just in me but in each other, making this party a welcoming and inclusive one for diverse people and opinions.

My goals include growing our membership, increasing visibility and awareness of our party, and continuing our work on the ground all around the state. You all have a lot to be proud of, and I’m excited to support you in your work.

In order to achieve my goals, I believe we must try to reach people where they are and draw them in based on their own needs. We must listen carefully and not call people out but call people in. We must be the example that people choose to follow because they agree and they share our values, not because of negative attacks on other people or parties. We must spend less time on social media, when we are able, and more time on community outreach and organizing and other use of our own unique skills and talents. Do you all have strong networks on your home ground? If not, I’d ask you to reflect on why not, and on how you can start to build one.

The way I see it, the Green Party is love. It is kindness. It is patience with those who are learning, and compassion for those who are suffering. It is about empowering the people, amplifying our voices, and making change at all levels to better reflect our shared humanity and universal needs, instead of propping up a system that continues to oppress and silence and divide us. I believe in cooperation, not competition, sustainability not endless growth, measuring success by how fulfilled we are in our lives not by how much money we have.

Politics or activism? People keep saying we should choose one, but I disagree. I believe we must do both in order to achieve either. We can’t expect to win elections if people haven’t seen us in action. And we can’t expect to fix the things we want to fix if we don’t seek an office wherein we can represent the people. Each one of us brings different things to the table and we can’t try to force everyone into a mold. Let’s use all of our resources and do all of the work as a united force, but according to our individual strengths and purposes.

I encourage you all to share information with me and the whole state party about what you’re doing locally in your chapters, caucuses, and committees and even non-Green Party issues-based organizations. I would like to get photos, videos, written articles each month that can be shared on our website. I welcome you all to reach out to me with your ideas, your successes, your questions, and anything you need help with. My vision of success over the next year does not involve the things that I do, but the things that we do.

May our work be of value, may our hearts be filled with compassion, may our eyes see hope, and may our shared values always lead the way.

In solidarity,

Theresa Markila