Immigrant Justice

The Green Party of New Jersey doesn’t just stand in solidarity with the immigrant justice movement. We have been a part of it, joining local organizations, attending rallies, speaking out, educating, and more. Immigrant justice benefits all people, and we will not stop the fight until it’s won. We view all we do through a lens of social justice and the greater good. We condemn the establishment parties for their rhetoric and games on this issue, and ask everyone to take another look at the narratives and the reasons behind them.


When even the original sponsors of vital legislation play political games with our lives and safety, we know there is a problem with authenticity and dedication to the human beings these representatives are supposed to serve and speak for. What would a Green representative do? We would fight every step of the way to get this bill passed and enacted. We would prioritize every bill that directly affects the most vulnerable of our community members. We would use our voices to explain loudly and often why this matters.


We need to demand better of our representatives, of our system, of ourselves.