The Green Party of New Jersey Stands with the Uhuru 3

The Green Party of New Jersey (GPNJ) stands with the Uhuru movement in its efforts to get charges against them dismissed and to challenge what appears to be targeted and politically motivated suppression of free speech. We abhor the fascist action taken by the United States Government in indicting the “Uhuru 3” simply because they weren’t vocal enough in opposing the U.S. war against Russia in Ukraine.  This is a frightening action and a serious threat to freedom of speech and to free people of this world.


It is terrifying that in the U.S., a country that supposedly promotes democratic values and freedom of speech, that the suppression of free speech via the FBI hit squads, and selective and politically motivated prosecution should be used to discourage the opinions of the people. In the long run, these actions can suppress free thought.  It feels like we’ve turned back the clock and we are living in the era of “McCarthyism” once again. 


GPNJ stands with all our brothers and sisters in the U.S. and around the world who object to the growing colonialism and fascism that is sweeping our planet.  We will continue to raise our voices against colonialism, fascism, and the inhumanity of capitalism. If we don’t stop this in its tracks, we know that anyone could be next. More power to the Uhuru movement and clear the “Uhuru 3” of all charges against them!

Use the following link to donate to the Uhuru 3 defense fund: