Vote Green for Governor in 2021 — Hoffman and Warburton: Because there is no time to wait!!

Vote Green for Governor in 2021 — Hoffman and Warburton: Because there is no time to wait!! 


April 22, 2021


Barry Bendar, Elections Chair GPNJ,, 609-276-3183 

Matthew James Skolar, Outreach Coordinator,, 908-666-3857

On this Earth Day 2021, Madelyn Hoffman, the Green Party of New Jersey’s candidate for NJ Governor in 2021, today announced Heather Warburton of Hammonton, as her Lieutenant Governor. 

“I am very excited to announce that Heather Warburton of Hammonton has agreed to be my Lieutenant Governor,” said Madelyn Hoffman. “The Green Party of New Jersey has expressed its enthusiastic support for both of our candidacies. Running with Heather Warburton provides many opportunities for expanding and strengthening my campaign. Heather Warburton has much visibility in the Southern part of the state, while I am based in Morris County. Heather also brings much knowledge and concern about coastal and inland impacts of the climate crisis. On this Earth Day 2021, we both recognize the urgency of addressing many of the environmental and economic crises faced by New Jersey and stand firmly behind the need for a real, eco-socialist Green New Deal, one that will restructure our economy and our communities, guaranteeing a living wage to all, equality for all and help put the brakes on climate change.”

“I am running this year because I genuinely believe in what Madelyn is talking about,” said Lieutenant Governor candidate Heather Warburton.  “She has been a peace advocate for decades, and I am proud to be on the ticket with her. I am excited to join my activism with hers while we talk about issues ranging from North to South Jersey and everywhere in between. When we run outside the duopoly, we get a chance to talk about issues that might never be brought up without us. Issues like flooding, climate devastation, education, and police violence and overreach drastically impact the lives of working-class people in New Jersey. I am honored to be joining Madelyn to advocate for the people of NJ and not the wealthy 1%.”

Craig Cayetano, GPNJ State Co-Chair said, “I am proud that the Green Party of New Jersey has endorsed Heather Warburton for Lieutenant Governor. Heather working with Madelyn Hoffman can offer the solutions we need in Trenton! We deserve fully funded schools, common sense approach to COVID-19 relief and dramatic climate action now. One that truly helps communities of color. I implore all the youth working on climate justice to volunteer and support their campaign. First, we need to ensure they will be on the ballot. Please follow the link posted below to add your signature to their online petition today.”

Heather Warburton is an artist and activist from South Jersey. She hosts a bi-weekly podcast on Create Your Future Productions called “Wine, Women, and Revolution” where she discusses revolutionary politics from an intersectional feminist perspective.  She has been a Green since 2016. Her activism has included fighting for a living wage, educating on income inequality, supporting ecological justice, advocating for the LGBTQIA community, hosting education sessions about cannabis legalization, and promoting racial justice. She currently lives in Hammonton with her husband and is pet mom to a rescue cat and dog.

Madelyn Hoffman was the Green Party of New Jersey’s candidate for U.S. Senate in 2021. She ran a record-setting campaign, garnering 38,288 votes, the most of any New Jersey Green running for statewide office since Ralph Nader in 2000. Madelyn Hoffman was also Ralph Nader’s vice-presidential running mate in New Jersey in 1996. She served as the Executive Director of the Grass Roots Environmental Organization of New Jersey from 1982-1998 and as the Executive Director of New Jersey Peace Action from 2000 – 2018. She is an adjunct professor of political science and also of public speaking.