On the Campaign Trail on Sunday, August 26th — Camden, New Jersey

Today, my campaign team, Gary Frazier and Kim Liszewski Meudt, met in the city of Camden to create an informative video about the politics and problems of Camden, as an example of what is happening in cities throughout New Jersey.

We visited the site of a Norcross-built and financed private school and discussed the city of Camden’s efforts to privatize the public schools. We also discussed the fact that the citizens of Camden just were given back the right to vote for the members of the Board of Education. We will speak more about the demolition of the 92-year old high school recently demolished during our next video session.  On September 2nd, from 12 – 3pm at Farnham Park in Camden, Dario Hunter, a Green from Ohio, will speak about how to oppose the privatization of school systems and the attempt by private corporations to take over the public schools. Madelyn Hoffman will also speak at this event.

We visited the site of the Camden County garbage incinerator, a project that grass roots organizations attempted to stop more than 20 years ago. It is approximately a mile from the Norcross-funded school and also from many homes of low-to-moderate income people.

Lastly, we visited what had been a primarily white neighborhood for veterans from WWII and Vietnam War veterans, now primarily a black neighborhood. We spoke at length about the military-industrial complex and how it sucks out vast amounts of money from our neighborhoods and communities.