Your small change can make a big difference!

Remember the old days, when you paid with cash for your groceries and could drop the loose change in a donation can to help out an organization you cared about? Now, the practice of small and affordable donations to a cause you care about IS BACK – in a fun and secure way that meets the demands of your busy life and one that allows you to track and retain your tax deduction.

Support the work of the Green Party of New Jersey automatically with every purchase, up to your pre-selected limit. Every penny counts in the struggles for peace, ecological wisdom, democracy, and justice.

How it works

After a quick registration with CaringCent, supporting the cause you care about is as easy as simply using the registered debit or credit card as you go about your daily life.  When you make purchases on your card, the purchase amount is rounded up to the whole next dollar and the difference goes to the organization you chose to support.

Thank you for your support!