Reflections on 2017 and Building Green in 2018

The Green Party of New Jersey wishes all of our activists and partners a happy and revolutionary New Year! 2017 was a banner year for GPNJ. Our biggest success was in Brick, where Green candidate Jessica Clayton won her race for school board. Jessica ran on a platform of issues her community cares about, a progressive ideology supported by Ocean County Greens, earned a major union endorsement from CWA Local 1037, and won big.

The Seth Kaper-Dale campaign was by far the largest campaign ever run by our party in NJ. Seth and his team raised over $100,000, attracted media attention, and trained new activists on running campaigns. GPNJ values have attracted unprecedented numbers of supporters, volunteers, and donors.

We still have work to do. Following the “Bernie Boom “ and #DemExit we experienced high levels of growth. Managing the influx of new Greens has been both challenging and rewarding. And now we are welcoming activists from the 2017 campaigns into our growing grassroots effort. GPNJ is now larger than it has ever been. Our standing committees meet on a regular basis. County locals have leadership in place. Identity caucuses that formed just a short while ago are asserting leadership and growing communities. We are collectively learning how to keep momentum going into 2018. Click here to get information on GPNJ affiliated organizations.

In the coming year we anticipate new candidates who will need our support to have a real impact. Our Elections Committee is preparing to recruit, vet, and train these comrades on how to run effective campaigns that grow the party. Our Membership Committee will be planning the annual convention and working to build local party chapters, and every Green in the Garden State will be challenged to grow and diversify our party while maintaining respect for our 4 Pillars, 10 key values, and the Eco-Socialist platform. You can be a part of this exciting time in New Jersey political history. Click here to contact your local chapter, committee, or to join a caucus.