Green Party State Senate Candidate Gives Call to Action against Racism, White Supremacy, Injustice, and Inaction

GLEN RIDGE, N.J. (Aug. 16, 2017) – Green Party Senate Candidate Troy Knight-Napper shared his vision for a more just and prosperous community yesterday in front of a gathering of supporters and rush hour commuters outside the Glen Ridge Train Station. Inspired by the tragic events of the previous weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia and the varied reactions that have resulted throughout the nation, Knight-Napper gave an impassioned speech that called for a cultural shift demanding opposition to the forces of hatred, white supremacy, and injustice.

“The tragedy of this past weekend did not have to happen, and we cannot tolerate a culture where it is allowed to happen again,” said Knight-Napper. “We must speak out against racism and systematic injustice fueled by white supremacy.”

Knight-Napper, the Green Party candidate challenging incumbent Democrat Ronald Rice for the state Senate seat in Legislative District 28, spoke out against the incumbent’s silence on both the events in Charlottesville and systematic patterns of racism and injustice. Noting that Rice had yet to release a public statement condemning the heinous acts that took place in Charlottesville, in addition to being largely absent as an advocate for reform of aggressive police tactics against people of color in Newark and across New Jersey, Knight-Napper declared that as a Senator, he would be firm and outspoken in support of justice.

“It’s time for this district to be represented by someone who actually has the courage, the energy, and the passion to actually stand up and speak out for what is just and right,” said Knight-Napper.

Knight-Napper also articulated his policy vision for the district and New Jersey as a whole. The day’s theme focused on opposition to racism and systematic injustice and police tactics that feed the prison-industrial complex by incarcerating black youth at disproportionally high rates. The legislative agenda shared by Knight-Napper also includes equal support, resources, and opportunity for public school students in every district. He articulated a need for community-oriented land use planning and infrastructure development that provides prosperity to all residents and not just the purveyors of gentrification. He also will demand environmental justice, starting with improved water quality for New Jersey residents, many of whom have lead levels in their municipal water higher than found in Flint, Michigan. In addition, Knight-Napper will make a living wage for all New Jersey workers an immediate priority, starting with a minimum wage increase to $15 per hour.

“I will speak out,” explained Knight-Napper, “so that our communities become stronger, so that we grow together and work together as friends and neighbors, andso that collectively, we can achieve prosperity through solidarity.”

About Troy Knight-Napper
Troy Knight-Napper is a 31-year-old father of two wonderful boys. He was born in Newark, New Jersey and raised in East Orange. He lived in Charlottesville, Virginia for 6 years, and his mother and grandmother continue to live there. During his time in Virginia, Troy experienced bigotry and racism similar to that exhibited this past weekend. He is running for office to create a better future for his children, as well as for his fellow neighbors. His passion for breaking barriers and building a future makes him a progressive thinker. For more information about the Knight-Napper campaign, visit You can also learn more about Troy and the other Green Party of NJ candidates for office in 2017 by going to