Green Party of NJ Issues Statement of Clarification Regarding 2017 General Election Candidates

TRENTON, N.J. (Aug. 4, 2017) — The Green Party of New Jersey is aiming to provide clarity to the media and the general public regarding its slate of endorsed candidates who will be running on the Green Party line in this November’s general election.

With a diverse and exciting roster of Green Party candidates encompassing statewide, county, and municipal offices this year, it has come to the attention of GPNJ leadership that other candidates have been falsely representing, or seeking to represent themselves as endorsed by the Green Party.

Currently, our lineup of candidates officially endorsed by and affiliated with the Green Party of New Jersey features Seth Kaper-Dale for Governor and Lisa Durden for Lieutenant Governor at the top of the slate.  We are also running candidates for down-ballot state-level offices including Troy Knight-Napper for Senate in NJ LD-28, Mico Lucide for Assembly in LD-2, Sean Stratton for Assembly in LD-18, and Kenny Collins and Aaron Hyndman for Assembly in LD-24. At the local level, Melissa Tomlinson in Atlantic County and Barry Bendar in Ocean County have secured the endorsement of their respective county Green Party organizations and will be on the Green Party line as Freeholder candidates.  In addition, the Green Party of New Jersey has endorsed a Green Party member, Jessica Clayton for Board of Education in Brick Township, in her non-partisan race.

Each of the above-listed candidates appear on our website, Any additional endorsements made by the Green Party of New Jersey will be disseminated on official Green Party of New Jersey letterhead and the newly-endorsed campaigns will be added to the Candidates Page at

Anyone else who may be claiming to be a Green Party candidate, but is not listed on the Green Party of New Jersey website, is falsely representing their candidacy. “We have received reports of a candidate using the Green Party name in communications to the media and the public without the official consent of  the governing body of the Green Party of New Jersey,” said Aaron Hyndman, Co-Chair of the Green Party of New Jersey and Director of the GPNJ Coordinated Campaign Committee.

“It’s exciting that our statewide campaigns are gaining an unprecedented level of attention this year,” said Hyndman.  “Unfortunately though, this makes us an attractive target for unscrupulous individuals to try and attach their campaigns to our effort without our endorsement or consent, so it’s important that we ensure that there is clarity regarding those candidates who are endorsed by our organization and those who are not.”

Anyone in need of further information should contact the Green Party of New Jersey Communications Chair, Laura Genna, at if there are any questions about a New Jersey candidate’s affiliation with the Green Party.


About The Green Party of New Jersey (GPNJ)

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