NJ Greens Oppose Trump’s Use of MOAB Bomb in Afghanistan

The Green Party of New Jersey is a party of peace, non-violence, and diplomatic, democratic solutions to international disputes. We stand opposed to acts of aggression, such as the MOAB (Massive Ordinance Air Blast) Bomb the United States recently used on the Achin District of Afghanistan, which borders Pakistan. This action is particularly disturbing in the immediate aftermath of the missile strikes in Syria and operations in Yemen. We condemn this pattern of choosing costly, unauthorized, unilateral military engagement over broad-based, multilateral, peaceful solutions.

Use of this MOAB bomb, with its one mile radius, shows a complete disregard for human life. The mechanics of this weapon are described as sucking out all the oxygen from an area and setting the air on fire. These kinds of weapons are an act of psychological as well as physical warfare, with their effects reaching far beyond their intended targets.

The estimated cost of one of these bombs is 16 million dollars. In a time when millions of Americans are unable to access quality healthcare and education, unable to feed and house their families, do not have safe drinking water, are crippled by student loans and other debt, when our infrastructure is crumbling and we are on the brink of climate change-induced disaster, it is nothing less than violence against our own people – especially the most vulnerable among us – to waste money on bombs. If we want our country to be “great,” we must significantly cut our excessive military spending, end perpetual warfare, and invest in meeting the needs of our people at home.

The New Jersey congressional delegation should not have allowed President Trump to usurp their constitutional authority by engaging in these acts of war without Congressional approval. Our Representatives and Senators must take a clear stand on the side of peace and emphasize the importance of prioritizing the needs of everyday people.

The Green Party of New Jersey is opposed to all US military intervention and occupation of other countries. The United States has been an occupying force in Afghanistan for 15 years, and this is just one of a long series of imperialist invasions of sovereign countries.