Our Values Are Not Corporate Values

Former Interim DNC Chair told us what we already knew. The establishment decides Democratic Party primaries, not the people.

In the wake of the statements made by former interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile in her recent book, the Green Party of New Jersey would like to remind the citizens of New Jersey that we take no corporate money, and our grassroots organizing approach prevents big party bosses from making shady deals.

Why does that matter? A decentralized approach works, especially when the people involved share values like ours. The National Green Party provides resources, but it does not control state parties, and we have never been told how to run our state by anyone other than the Greens right here in NJ. That is because this party is run by volunteer activists and regular people like you, from the bottom up.

But Third Parties don’t win elections. That’s not true! Third parties can and DO WIN elections and then they get results for the people. Especially locally. Green Party members hold 141 offices in the U.S.; internationally the Greens hold offices in more than 30 countries. And when Greens get elected they do awesome things. Like when Green Party Mayor Jason West in defiance of State Law started marrying same sex couples in 2004. The Democratic Governor George Pataki said at the time state marriage laws state that “marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Ok I want to help, how? Vote Green! No matter where you live in New Jersey, you can vote Kaper-Dale for governor. We have down-ballot candidates in some areas, too.

You can make a donation. We run mostly on volunteer power, but we still need to maintain our online infrastructure, communications, and hold events. We do not take corporate money, and that’s why we need you. Click here to help.

You can get in touch with a county party or start one. We have local chapters in 12 counties, and we can help connect you with Greens in all 21 counties. Email membership@gpnj.org for more information on organizing.

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