Join a Committee

About Our Committees

Contact the following Committee Chairs to join a committee. (You may join more than one committee.)

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee focuses on recruiting new members, and managing the current members we have. Here you can also help to plan events to spread the word about the Green Party and raise awareness for certain causes.

Membership Chair: Brian Powers

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee controls the Green Party of New Jersey social media outlets. Here you can help keep the GPNJ’s social media presence alive and well on social media sites such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, GPNJ Blog, and through press releases. Click here for our list of social media.

Communications Chair:Laura Genna

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee helps to find Green Party candidates, and support our Green Party candidate campaigns. 

Elections Chair: Aaron Hyndman

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee helps to decide official Green Party stances and ethics. This committee also helps to create Green Party candidates’ platforms. Here you can also help to support and spread awareness about environmental causes that you care about. This committee also researched alternative voting systems, and ways to improve our political environment. 

Policy Chair:Gerald Martin

Finance Committee

The finance committee helps to manage donations, and find ways to fundraise for the Green Party.

Finance Chair: Juan Silva