Posted on November 27, 2018
With successes across New Jersey ranging from the democratization of Camden’s school board all the way to two inspiring midterm campaigns with Diane Moxley & Madelyn Hoffman (receiving over 2,246 votes and over 21,364 votes, respectively), the Green Party of New Jersey is energized going into 2019, and we need your help to keep making positive change in the Garden State! Consider donating $25 to our year-end fundraising efforts for Giving Tuesday and get into

Thank you for voting.

Posted on November 7, 2018
Thank you everyone for getting out and voting today. Though most of the work for change is done between and outside of elections, it’s important for everyone who is eligible to come out and let the country hear all your voices and know your hopes and vision for a new direction for the people. My fellow Greens, some of our duopoly-supporting friends may question you for voting your values. It’s important to remember that this

The Green Party is here to stay

Posted on October 30, 2018
The establishment says that the proper response to an unfair and undemocratic system, a system that they built and maintain, is for all other parties and voices to just shut up and go home. We say, if the system is not working then fix the system. We’re not going anywhere. As long as government represents the wealthy and powerful instead of the people, the Green Party will be here fighting and speaking out and running
PRESS RELEASE: Green Party of New Jersey Statement on Glassboro Police incident October 8, 2018 – Glassboro, NJ – For immediate release.   The Green Party of New Jersey condemns the behavior of the Glassboro Police Department towards the two Rowan University students, erroneously stopped on Monday Oct. 1 for reasons that in dispute. The students, Altaif Hassan and Giavanna Roberson, were terrified and feared for their lives when police suddenly held them up at

Pride in 2018

Posted on September 11, 2018
The Green Party has always stood with the LGBTQ community in the ongoing struggle for justice, and we always will. Our Lavender Caucus is looking for volunteers to help us expand our work in this area and would love to hear from you. In addition to our other works of advocacy and activism, we participate in a number of Pride events around the state each year, including in Newton, Asbury Park, Maplewood, and Jersey City.
Hello Greens and allies! I am proud and excited to be starting my term as one of your co-chairs this June, 2018. I’m looking forward to working with all of you and I thank you so much for your ongoing support and trust, not just in me but in each other, making this party a welcoming and inclusive one for diverse people and opinions. My goals include growing our membership, increasing visibility and awareness of
Brick NJ- After campaigning hard since last April, Jessica Clayton was sworn in as the newest member of the Brick Board of education last Wednesday at Brick High school. During her campaign Jessica also helped organize the Green Party of Ocean County, held activist coalition events, and showed us all what a Green who spends time being an advocate for their community can accomplish. Jessica stated “When you show people that you are passionate about
The Green Party of New Jersey wishes all of our activists and partners a happy and revolutionary New Year! 2017 was a banner year for GPNJ. Our biggest success was in Brick, where Green candidate Jessica Clayton won her race for school board. Jessica ran on a platform of issues her community cares about, a progressive ideology supported by Ocean County Greens, earned a major union endorsement from CWA Local 1037, and won big. The
The world of communication has evolved and we can’t afford to set the clocks back 30 years. We no longer need a media empire to share information for us, we simply need to hit submit, and I for one, don’t want to go back to needing a printing press to distribute info. A fair and open internet is a crucial freedom we can not allow to be sacrificed on the altar of profit. For the
President Donald Trump’s proclamation recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a provocative and dangerous policy that will have repercussions, not only in the Middle East, but around the world. This is not, however, only about foreign policy and easing tensions in the Middle East. Trump’s action will likely increase the day-to-day hardships of Palestinians in occupied territories, who already live under state sponsored oppression, into something far worse. To fully understand the impact