Annual Convention & Presidential Nomination Registration 2020


Join us for the 2020 GPNJ convention online via Zoom!

The Green Party of New Jersey’s Annual Convention & Presidential Nomination is on May 2nd, 2020 from 1-4pm. We are hearing reports, electing new leadership, voting on bylaw amendments and hearing from our guest speaker Margaret Kimberley. We will also be conducting our Presidential Nomination process. This is open to all registered Green voters and those that are current dues paying from May 2nd, 2019 – May 2nd, 2020.

We hope you will share this online and join us!

Please register today, registration is free but please consider making a donation of any amount to help us pay for the cost of hosting this online event and support our party’s growth.


You will need to register via this Zoom link for access to the Annual Convention on May 2nd, 2020.


Below is the link to request the form for registered and dues paying Greens to receive their Presidential Nomination ballot.

If you are a registered Green in the State of NJ or a dues paying member 5/2/2019 – 5/2/2020 complete this and you will receive a ballot to vote for a Presidential Candidate. 

*Ballots must be received back to Green Party of NJ by 5/5/2020 at 11:59 pm EST to be counted.*


Click this link to request your Green Party Presidential ballot!