Why I Support The Greens

All of our systems, political, economic, environmental and social, are unsustainable. It is only a matter of time before our American empire and all its failing systems collapse, just like all the other over-extended imperial empires throughout history. We cannot sustain our expanding financial, military and governmental commitments without incurring increasing debt, poverty, war, pollution and suffering.

The Green Party is the largest and fastest-growing political third party in the world. There is a reason for this: People want peace, security, good health, satisfying work and good relations with planet and people. Our Green ideas and goals are catching on fast, and none too soon.

The urgent issues we face, like catastrophic climate disasters, extreme corruption in government and corporate control of prisons, media and elections, are growing at alarming rates. If we do not act now, for radical change, it may soon be too late. Fascism, oppression and Orwellian nightmares have already begun to show their power. The only influence and power that the people have left is the ability to ban together in solidarity, to resist, protest, run for elections, boycott and demand radical change.

That is why I support the Green Party. The party of peace, grassroots democracy and social justice. The party of jobs, education and healthcare for all. The party of the people: for local, community concerns. The party of justice and equity for students, seniors, children, workers, and the poor, homeless, unemployed, foreclosed. The party of immigrant rights, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, minority rights, and the battered rights of all who have been oppressed buy the FOG, Forces of Greed.

Bill Reitter, GPNJ Chair

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