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 There are many ways to get involved with the Green Party. You can join a committee and help with specific goals, or help out at events and rallies that have been put together. We encourage volunteers to take some control of their local Green Party county group and get others involved by creating your own meetups and events. We are a decentralized volunteering group that works to incorporate Green Party values into our own communities. Customize your Green Party experience to your specific community, your issues, and politics.

Become a Lead Volunteer 

If you would like to get involved right away, you can create your own event or meet-up! We need leaders! There are plenty of people that want to go to events, but not many people willing to create the events. Will you become one of our leaders for the Green Party of New Jersey, and help set-up events?  

You can post events that you are hosting on our Upcoming Events page!

Events that you can create include rallies, meet-ups, protests, marches, park clean-ups, beach sweeps, fundraisers, phone banking parties, canvassing houses, watch parties, house parties, fundraisers, local green party meeting and much more!

How to Create Local Events:

  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Get support. Find friends and family that want to join your cause, and let the Green Party of New Jersey know about your event! The Green Party of New Jersey will help support your event.
  3. Contact your official town/county office, or park office and find out what kind of permits or paperwork you may need for any large events that you want to hold in your community. Click here for a directory of towns and county websites. 
  4. Advertise your event on social media pages, and through fliers. Give the Green Party of New Jersey any websites, social media pages or digital posters that you have created, and we will share them through our social media.
  5. Post your event on our Upcoming Events Page!


Contact  Julie Saporito-Acuña for more information and support for creating local events. 


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