Stop Avon's Use of Rainforest Timber to Replace Its Boardwalk

Storm Sandy changed the New Jersey seashore's landscape requiring the replacement of boardwalks.  Using our tax dollars, Avon By The Sea (Monmouth County) has decided to utilize South American rainforest timber instead of readily available sustainable materials.  Some 600 acres of rainforest trees must be harvested to fulfill Avon's order.  Environmentalists who have appeared to testify at Avon's council meetings have not  yet been successful in compelling Avon's reconsideration to use sustainable materials instead of irreplaceable, old growth rainforest timber.

Please join us in demonstration in Avon By The Sea (soon may be called Avon UNDER The Sea) on Saturday, March 23rd at or about 5:30.  Details to be posted as available, or, email me:

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