Richard Wolff on Fighting for Economic Justice and Fair Wages

Richard Wolff on Fighting for Economic Justice and Fair Wages: Interview with Bill Moyers.

Watch this great video as Bill Moyers interviews Richard Wolff:

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  • To follow up after almost two weeks of hijacked computer diarhea, I’d like to tell you about how the Brookdale College Richard Wolff lecture was cancelled. Another interesting story would be about how the lecture with a condemnation of capitalism was booked by "C"rookdale College in the first place. Brookdale’s long time president, now X pres is cooling his heels in prison for official misconduct arising from his expenditures and the source of funds to pay those accounts. One of the County College buildings on campus was named in honor of a sitting , long term Freeholder. Following his indictment for some sort of selling his public office for personal gain, he passed away before trial. Anyway, I refer to it now as "C"rooksdale.

    “Crooksdale” also cancelled my course, whose subtitle was “Fight Foreclosure” with the claim “insufficient” registration .

    I learned of the course cancellation from an email I received early last week. It was communication between a sitting deparftment chair at the college, and my aunt and uncle who taught at Brookdale for 20+ years. It articulated to my aunt and uncle that the Wolff lecture was cancelled. My aunt and uncle are founding members of PFANS, and drove from Florida to attend this lecture, and meet with Wolff at a relaxing, after event gathering.

    I contacted Wolff who said he hadn’t received official word of the cancellation, but thought the decision would not be made until the Monday before the event. Per Brookdale, the number of registered attendees for Wolff’s lecture was 18. The minimum for a course is 20. or 25, depending opon with whom you speak.

    So there was hope. Maybe Wolff was right and the lecture had not been cancelled. Despite what I had read in those emails forwarded to me, perhaps accidently… that the course had been closed.

    Hell, I knew 20 people who said they had registered, and others who had been advised that they did not have to pre-register, they could pay at the door.

    After several calls and (false) promises to return my call, I learned that the Wolff lecture had, in fact, been cancelled.

    I emailed Wolff with the news, and an offer to have him come and speak at another venue… not far from the Brookdale Campus., and we compensate him in accordance with his deal with Brookdale.

    Many who had pre-purchased tickets in advance were disappointed. I was pissed. In the 70’s I spearheaded a student rebellion over the firing of a teacher who had dared speak out against the Administration in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Many teachers threatened to strike, and a friend who now is a department chair at Rowan, tore his contract into pieces while being filmed by FoxTV news. (same studio which broadcast the Soupy Sales TV Show)

    Anyway, Wolff declined the offer to speak at another venue…. but suggested he would be able to come back in late spring or early summer. He expressed an interest in the upcoming “Labor Fights Back Conference” a two day event to be held at Rutgers.

    So, we’ll see what happens.
  • We need to use what we know and help clarify that the goals of our various independent ‘groups’ who are a subset of the working class (99%) must recognize Capitalism as the fundamental cause of our social ills, and that the institutions it rests on must be replaced by Democracy where we work and where we live.
    Reforms, including those advocated by the Greens, are certainly worthy of votes, but reforms are not the goal. Reforms are but a step. As Wolff says, simply replacing the role players within a system will not change political or business behavior. To change behavior and how we interact with one another, the system must be changed. When changed, behaviors and results will change. (by the way, this blog oughta have an edit feature)
  • Thanks, Dave. Saw Wolff on RT last night. He is right on target about our hopelessly corrupt economic and political system. The elites know that if they control the elections and government, they can shape the laws and rules that benefit them rather than the seniors, workers and students who are sacrificing and paying the most taxes. The people still have the power, but the elites want us to think we are powerless to do anything but vote against our own interests. There are lots of things we can do besides just voting: Let’s make 2013 a year of Green!
  • Wolff will be lecturing at Brookdale College on March 7th. Pre-registration is required. Call BCC at 732-224-2315. Course code:
    XHUML-104-MRP01. $24