New Green Study Group Forming in NJ

We have a great resource in the availability of the space at "HQ" in Trenton, but we're hardly ever using it. I've talked with some GPNJ members about holding an occasional study/discussion group session dovetailing with Mercer Greens meetings. The latter have usually been scheduled for the third Saturday of the month starting at 10:00am. Maybe every other month or once a quarter (every third month) we could allocate the time from 11:00 to 1:00 to do a study group where a pre-assigned book or article or issue could be discussed.
I know of some Green-friendly people who would be interested in joining such a discussion group and who might be drawn into our circle this way. So this kind of activity could be viewed as a way to get new people interested. It would also give Greens a chance to compare ideological and issue-position notes toward getting on the same page -- or at least toward understanding where we're coming from when we disagree.
So let's try it and see what happens. An initial session will take place the third Saturday of April (the 20th) 11:00 to 1:00 at HQ. Let's order a pizza or something and talk over lunch.
On April 20 I'll lead a discussion based on twelve short articles from the book: The Green Reader, edited by Andrew Dobson. It's a 1991 book that's out of print, but you can order used copies for a couple of dollars + shipping via the web site of Barnes & Noble or
Some of you might have this book already. It's considered a classic of our movement. It consists of about 50 short, concise articles which are excerpts from longer pieces.
Here are the twelve to read for the 4/20 study group (each is three or four pages long, so reading twelve would only take an hour or two).
Donella Meadows: The Limits to Growth, Jonathan Porritt: Industrialism David Ehrenfeld: The Arrogance of Humanism, Vandana Shiva: Problems With the Enlightenment, Edward Goldsmith: The Real and Surrogate Worlds The Ecologist: Decentralization Kirkpatrick Sale: Bioregionalism, Ted Trainer: Abandon Affluence! William Ophuls: Frugality and Freedom, Herman Daly: The Steady-State Economy, Brian Tokar: Changing to Green, Petra Kelly: The Parliamentary Road?
If you get the book and read some other article that you think would be important to discuss, let me know and I'll add it to the list.
Below are directions to HQ: 100 S. Gouverneur Ave. - Trenton, NJ 08618
Take I-195 West After it becomes NJ-29 North, go 5 miles (go past the state capitol buildings) Take the exit for Parkside Ave. Make an immediate right turn onto Berkeley Ave. Go two blocks, to the corner of Berkeley and S. Gouverneur Ave. Destination will be on the right
Please publicize this to your locals. Greens from around the state are welcome to participate. Maybe it could become a regular thing, in which case some of the time we might schedule GC or committee business meetings around the discussion group. Here's a chance and a reason for people to get together in-person . . . and a way to utilize the HQ space. Steve

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