Montclair Peace Vigil Co-sponsored by NJ Peace Action and the Northern NJ Socialist Party (SPUSA)

For the eighth straight year, New Jersey Peace Action and the Northern NJ Social party will hold its annual vigil, marking the date men were first brought to Guantánamo Prison in 2002.  Yet again we demands the closing of the prison and protest the CIA’s use of torture — more so this year, following the release of the Senate Torture Report.  We call for the prosecution of those responsible for the program of torture at the highest levels.  They must be held accountable.

Of the 136 men who remain in Guantánamo after almost 13 years of the torture of containment and interrogation, 67 were never charged with a crime and have been cleared for release by the US government.  They remain at Guantánamo because their home countries have troubled security conditions. The other 69 men are either facing charges before a military commission or deemed unable to be tried — due to the inability to verify evidence against them — but too dangerous to release — in effect, “forever detainees.”

The long-delayed Senate report on torture proves not only that the CIA engaged in a sophisticated program of state-sanctioned torture, but that high-level government official authorized, justified, and covered up those monstrous crimes.  NJ Peace Action calls for the Department of Justice to prosecute the high-level officials responsible for the torture.  If the DOJ does not follow through then they should be held accountable by international courts.  By confronting the culture of violence and secrecy and the dehumanization of perceived enemies we can change the current hostile character of our country, improve our reputation overseas, and move toward peace.

Montclair Peace Vigil to Close Guantanamo and End to Torture. Join us as we hold a vigil in conjunction with Witness Against Torture's campaign. Co-sponsored by NJ Peace Action and the Northern NJ Socialist Party (SPUSA).

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January 12, 2015 at 5:30pm - 7:30pm
South Fullerton and Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, NJ
Madelyn Hoffman, NJ Peace Action Phone: 973-259-1126 · · Greg Pason, Northern NJ Socialist Party Phone: 201-803-7574

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