Mondragon Worker Cooperatives Succeed

From Democracy at Work: The Mondragon Cooperative Corporation (MCC) is today the world’s most successful example of workers self-directed enterprises. It has managed the transition from a modest beginning - 5 workers starting a cooperative enterprise in the town of Mondragon, Spain, over fifty years ago - to its contemporary large dimensions. MCC now encompasses 140 cooperative enterprises within the corporation that includes a total of 256 companies.  It employs over 100,000 workers who enjoy exemplary job security.

In a global capitalist environment, MCC proved to be an exceptionally effective competitor while preserving its cooperative principles and expanding their reach and influence across Spain and beyond. With annual sales over $ 14 billion Euros ($18 billion), it is now the largest corporation in the Basque region and the seventh largest in all of Spain. Its worker members own MCC collectively and make all its basic decisions. MCC represents a remarkable achievement in the social movement toward the democratization of work and the workplace. Its achievements, problems, structure, and methods provide invaluable lessons: crucial raw materials that other movements for economic democracy can discuss, debate, adjust, transform, and extend.

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