Join us for a fun time and GPNJ camaraderie: Envelope Stuffing Party

Join us for a fun time and GPNJ camaraderie: 

This Saturday, April 5th, is our final meeting before our 18th Annual GPNJ Convention and we need volunteers to help with our big mailing project: We need to distribute, fold, stuff, seal and stamp over 1, 100 personalized envelopes. No need for labels: The letters and envelopes have been printed with mail merge.
Each volunteer will receive about 50 packets to work on. (We will not need a folding machine because the letters have already been scored and sorted, and the machine could mix up the alphabetical arrangement). Obviously, we will need over 20 volunteers.
The cost of the printing, mail merge, scoring and sorting is as follows: $290 for color letters, $150 for envelopes, and $85 for color donation cards, for a total of $525. plus postage. To help offset this cost, we are asking every volunteer to bring a book of stamps to the envelope stuffing party, plus the usual, optional, pot luck lunch. (If you cannot afford the stamps, no problem: please come anyway and we will provide some extra books.)
This is the first major mailing we have done in two years and is necessary to keep our NJ registered green voters informed about our convention, our website, our progress, plans and goals.

If you have not signed up for this important event, please RSVP now:
We will also be finalizing our plans and agenda for our fast-approaching convention:
Our upcoming convention at Rutgers University in New Brunswick on May 3rd will be a celebration of our accomplishments and a call to overcome the challenges we face with a strong spirit of solidarity and rebellion against the disastrous status quo: We need to regain The Original and True American Spirit, "No taxation without representation".
Because of looming climate convergence issues, without a green revolution we could end up with anarchy and fascism. Educating the public about real green solutions for "People, Planet and Peace over Profit" is our main challenge in this time of economic, social, political and climate crisis.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at 11:00am in East Windsor on Saturday.

Thanks for your anticipated involvement: GPNJ needs your help to continue growing and turning the Garden State Greener.
Think Green, Live Green, Vote Green in 2014!

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