Is Your Town Sustainable? Find out now:

Sustainable Jersey™ is a certification program for municipalities in New Jersey that want to go green, save money, and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term.

Sustainable Jersey provides:


A set of sustainable actions that municipalities implement to become certified. Actions include:

ordinances, programs, policies and procedures and retrofit or renovation of facilities.


Clear “how to” guidance and tools to enable communities to make progress on each action.


Access to grants and updates about existing and new funding opportunities to help communities

make progress.


Certification Benefits:


Sustainable Jersey’s 326 participating communities represent over half the state’s

municipalities and nearly 75% of its population. The Sustainable Jersey scene is

bigger than ever, and growing every year.


Save money. Get money:


Sustainable Jersey towns and cities implement practices that lead

to cost savings in energy, water, and garbage bills. The program

helps communities improve efficiency, cut waste, and stimulate

their local economy.

Registered towns get special priority access and notification of

incentives and grants and are eligible for the Sustainable Jersey

Small Grant Program which funds $220,000 worth of sustainable

projects annually across New Jersey.

Gain access to training, tools, and expert guidance.

Sustainable Jersey towns have access to clear “how to” guidance

and New Jersey specific actions and resources for developing a

comprehensive sustainable community program.

Regular training workshops, webinars, and leadership meetings

provide your town with connections to the leading experts in

municipal sustainability issues.



Get recognized. Promote your town:

Sustainable Jersey towns are promoted on our website, in

our publications, in the press, and at promotional events.

Towns that achieve certification are provided a customized

Sustainable Jersey logo that can be used on the town’s

promotional materials.

Municipalities are honored at an annual Sustainable Jersey

luncheon at the New Jersey League of Municipalities

Conference. Annual Sustainable Jersey awards are bestowed

upon those who earn the most points and those towns that excel in

leadership, innovation, and collaboration.

Conserve valuable resources. Protect the environment.

Residents increasingly want to live in towns that are doing

their part for the environment. The Sustainable Jersey actions

cover a wide range of topic areas focusing on people,

prosperity and the planet.

By becoming a Sustainable Jersey certified town, you align your

municipality with your community’s values while saving both

natural and municipal resources.


Sustainable Certification at a Glance:

• New Jersey municipalities apply for certification

• The program is voluntary

• There is no fee for the certification, the use

of the program tools, or participation in the

training workshops

• The certification is valid for three years

• There are two certification levels:

bronze level requires a total of 150 points and

silver level requires a total of 350 points

· 67 towns are Sustainable Jersey certified: 4 towns

at the silver level and 63 towns at the bronze level

· As of March 2011, 326 towns have registered and

are working towards certification


If your town is not already registered, Register Your Town Now:



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  • Thank you
  • I don’t mean to be cynical, just cautious about any “development” and “prosperity” ideas, because so many have been harmful in the past. There are lots of good conservation and Green energy projects that need to be “developed”. These would benefit everyone: both people and planet.
  • I don’t know how a county could be certified unless all the municipalities within it are. Although that’d be quite a goal to shoot for! Work on one municipality at a time.

    Having people interested in economic development, however, means a chance to get funding. There’s probably a lot of opportunity to push things in a direction you’d like to see.

    It’s tempting to be cynical, but if you show up interested to get some projects going, you may find people willing to jump on board.
  • There are towns, cities and townships on the SJC list, but no counties. Our contact here in Glassboro is Ronda Abbruzzese, Business Development Director. The emphasis seems to be on economic development.

    But sustainability may sometimes call for less development and more conservation. I will try to meet with her to discuss our involvement locally. Health and happiness are more important than “growth and prosperity”. It may be possible to have both, but it will require a Green perspective which is rare in business leaders, especially in the Chamber of Commerce.

    The Greens should be watchdogs for all “growth and prosperity” organizations, to make sure they are not doing more harm than good. Green-washing and astro-turfing are popular methods corporations use very effectively in their public relations and advertising…as with BP.
  • Glassboro is also certified but only at the “Bronze” level. I will check and see if Gloucester County is certified, and at what level. Conscientious people will check a town’s rating before moving there. Residents will want to help their town be more sustainable.

    I noted that Walmart is one of the many sponsors. How ironic is that! (The company that almost single-handedly destroyed so many downtown areas, only to offer low pay and poor benefits.) But this does not make SJC a bad program. Just something to keep in mind when we try to get local merchants and farm-stands to come back to our struggling communities.
  • Jersey City is already certified. And Sustainable JC has many projects going to improve our rating.

    I think GPNJ should try to do what SJC is doing and become a collaboration hub for people who want to start projects in their town. It trains people on how to develop a project idea and move ahead with attainable goals.

    In fact, if a county wanted to try following the SJC model, I might be able to get Deb to be a speaker.
  • Should GPNJ support this movement? IF so, how can we get involved?