Is a Greener World Really Possible?

Can You Imagine a Greener World?

Is a greener world even possible? What would a green world actually look like? How would it eventually come about? We need to answer these questions to clarify our vision of the future and set our plans and goals. Only then can we move forward together with unstoppable force.

These are the imaginative and challenging questions we must ask, and seek to answer together, if we are to have the vision to lead the way toward a happier, safer, healthier world.

We already know what a greedy, corporate, Wall Street-dominated world looks like: Unsustainable social, economic, environmental, political and military systems. Boom and bust cycles, high taxes with low benefits; high unemployment and low wages; increasing stress, inequity and poverty.

But imagine a green world….a healthier, sustainable, peaceful world where people and communities, not corporations, control their lives and are good stewards of the earth.

To accomplish this we need a green uprising, a green revolution: We must demand green jobs, green transportation, green housing, green farming, green healthcare and green education...And reject participation in the corrupt, harmful and even deadly policies of imperial empire and the power elites.

Things may actually get worse before they get better. It would not be a pretty picture: There will almost certainly be another financial crash and accelerated climate impacts including tragic, costly and catastrophic weather-related disasters. Unemployment, bankruptcy, homelessness, starvation, wars and suicides and illness will probably increase for a while. This is not an idle prediction or fear mongering; it is already happening. This is not a forecast of doom and gloom: It is a reality we must face and not hide from.

The rebellion may take years or even decades. It will probably take the form of either a fascist or green revolution. It is our job to make sure that it is not a fascist, corporate takeover, but rather a Green and beneficial change for people and planet.

It may be true that the converging crises are actually happening, but it is also true that the solutions are clear and the resistance is beginning to make some progress: There are signs everywhere that people are awakening to the urgency of the crisis and finally taking action to avert impending disasters. We must unite and cooperate with all the organizations that share our vision of a better, more compassionate, non-violent world.

Jill Stein, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese and many others are showing the way toward a positive, more hopeful future. We must invest in co-housing, sustainable energy, free and improved education, free and expanded Medicare for all, efficient mass transit, peace diplomacy, and a humane justice system. We cannot do this with elections alone. We need all the help and cooperation we can get…and give.

Together we are unstoppable!

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