From a Mother on Mother's Day

The original purpose of Mother's Day was a call to solidarity for women against war. Then it became a way to honor mothers for just being mothers...and it became commercialized like any other holiday. But it is more than that.

From a Mother on Mother's Day:

Some time ago a woman invented Mother’s Day. Julia Ward Howe. She called on mothers to raise their sons well, to not be tools for war, as she saw happen in the American Civil War...  Quickly this was forgotten; the holiday progressed to honor mothers just for being mothers, not call us to solidarity. And quickly, yet again, the holiday was consumerized.

And now as my sons are threatened, and as I scramble with my every ounce of life force to protect them, I will get a card this weekend, maybe with a picture of a teddy bear on it, and maybe some message from a friend about how I am a goddess, to be proud of my stretched and flabby body, as if it is that which I am most worried about...

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