Former EPA Admins Fail to Apologize for Catastrophic Climate Disasters

Former Republican EPA administrators are trying to advance a weak Obama plan for dealing with catastrophic climate disasters: But there is no apology for their many failures, and their stale ideas are "too little, too late".

 (See pathetic NYT article: ).

Instead, we need a Green New Deal with sustainable energy, conservation and a green jobs revolution that will rival a "moon shot" or "Manhattan Project" in scale. Only a massive program of green solutions will serve to save people and planet. Greedy corporations are not going to come to our rescue, and nice words from government officials (of either guilty party) are not going to slow catastrophic climate disasters.

There are $Trillions of your taxes that should be used for the required Green Revolution, but you are not represented in the present government. (Taxation without representation). Wall Street money has drowned out your voice. You do not yet have a seat at the table.

For a healthier, safer America, Vote Green in '13!  

Bill Reitter

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