Declare Your Independence From The Two Party System!

On this Independence Day, please join us in declaring independence from the two party system.  We are really excited about the work we'll be doing over the next couple of months.  GPNJ is currently in the process of planning a post-DNC event on August 27th, as well as overhauling the GPNJ website.  Additionally, we have endorsed exciting candidates for U.S. Congress, Dr. Rajit B. Malliah and Steve Welzer, and city council in Camden, Gary Frazier. 

In the past month alone, GPNJ has released statements against the anti-BDS legislation, critiquing the passed but prolonged minimum wage hike, endorsing the September 9th Decarcerate Actions, and more.  Once our new website is up and running, these press releases will be posted there. 

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In recent weeks, many people have become interested in the Green Party.  From social media, to people signing up on the website, to longtime activists, to former members of the Bernie campaign people are joining the Green Party.  This new infusion of people has allowed us to increase our visibility.  Additionally, we co-sponsored the New Jersey People’s summit and facilitated a breakout session on Independent Politics.

Bernie Sanders' experience with the Democratic Party this year has shown the need to develop a party of the 99%.  The Democratic Party is run by wealthy corporate donors using undemocratic rules, and the establishment will find ways to subvert the will of voters for an agenda that puts profits before people and the planet. Therefore we need to build our own party to advance our interests.

Your investment will go into our immediate efforts for the post-DNC event as well as updating the website to incorporate various tools and features for better recruitment of members, volunteers, candidates, and donations. 

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In Solidarity,

Julie Saporito-Acuña

GPNJ Chair


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