Dave's Civic Classes

I traveled to Parsippany HS to address several classes of an elective Civics
course. The students had researched 4 political party candidates for POTUS, and
will hold a mock debate (not unlike the entertainment to which we've all been
treated). I brought the 10 Key Value poster w/ stand, and distributed GP
literature. Each class lasted about 45 minutes. I gave a 10 minute intro and
overview, and then fielded questions. The questions were primarily about
deficit reduction, and the Green's position on the legalization of marijuana.

Dave’s Civics Class

I described my view that the Dems and Repubs were two wings of the same party... and candidates for either corporate owned party were corporate shills... puppets whose mission is to serve and protect. Not serve and protect We, The People, but serve and protect corporate profits at the expense of peace, our environment, and our economy.

I described that our "democracy" was a sham... an illusion, and we discussed the Jill Stein arrest while being denied her right to participate in the "debates" and most of the class had seen the DemocracyNow video of the first debate with Amy Goodman and Jill Stein. I described the NDAA, and how we went from a nation which boasted freedom of speech to one which designates free speech zones...

The issues I concentrated on were war and the military budget, the economy, the environment, and healthcare. I spoke about corporate personhood, and ALEC. We broached the military industrial complex, the health insurance/big pharma industrial complex, and the prison industrial complex. I also brought some props... 4 books for recommended reading (Zinn's History of the US, Occupy the Economy by Richard Wolff, The New Jim Crow, and Hedges' book, Death of the Liberal Class. The kids, as well as the civics teacher took notes, and stayed after class with more questions. All in all... it was encouraging.

David Petrovich, 10-2012

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