Class Warfare Has Arrived At Last

Class Warfare

"They only call it Class War when we fight back!" This truly is a class war. The 1% "power elites" are the enemy of the people, the real terrorists who have crashed our economy and crushed the ecology of the earth. The Corporatocracy, the Oligarchy and the Plutocracy have greedily drained the resources of people and the treasures of our planet to enrich only themselves, using our taxes and laws to their advantage, and leaving behind devastation, misery, poverty, illness and incarceration of the masses.

Class War

For their crimes of theft, destruction and illegal wars, Wall Street Banksters and their government puppets should be behind bars. They are dangerous fanatics, psychopaths and sociopaths. They have hijacked what little democracy, privacy and freedom we had. They have taken over our government, our banks, schools, and prisons. They own and control our hospitals, our military and our media. They are morally corrupt and intellectually bankrupt.


But we still have our voices, our Green ideas and ideals, and our fighting spirit. This is a war we must fight as if our lives depended on it, because they do. It may be a long struggle but there are signs that Shelley's "Lion" is rousing from slumber and shaking off those chains of corporate bondage: We are many, they are few! [Thank You, Occupy!]


Worker co-ops, intentional communities, eco-villages, community gardens, bartering, boycotting, calls for more third parties, Congressmen and Congresswomen and candidates willing to get arrested, global mass protests, demands to end the aggressive wars of occupation and calls to bring our young service members (and money) home for good, where they belong. Perhaps the Green revolution has started. The ongoing government dysfunction, gaming and costly shutdown may be the trigger we have been waiting for.


Are people finally fed up? Is the looting of our treasury, our wallets and our jobs finally going to demand action and not just words? Are the massive austerity cuts and the failure of the so-called “stimulus package” going to alert citizens to the giant rip-off that has been enriching the elites for over 30 years? Is the lack of employment and healthcare, decent education and housing, going to finally bring out the American spirit of Green revolution?


For the sake of our children, and the children of the world, let's hope so. It is long overdue! This decade may literally be our last chance. Elections are not horse races, where you try to pick the winner. Elections are your chance to vote for what you really believe in. Vote Green in ’13! If there are no Greens running in given race, write in a Green name or your own name. Any other vote is a wasted vote for the dysfunctional and destructive status quo.


Bill Reitter

GPNJ Chair

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  • Well, class struggle is just one part of the answer to Lenin’s question: “What Is To Be Done.” Focusing on it gives the impression that the solution is to have the working class displace the capitalist class. The movement for a better society was based on that ideology for about 200 years (the French Revolution started in 1789 and the fall of the Soviet Union started in 1989).

    In the very middle of that period, in 1901, Lenin wrote “What Is To Be Done” — and the critique of the capitalist system remains. But the question of how to move forward also remains . . . after all these decades . . . after witnessing bolshevism, anarchism, social democracy, laborism, the New Left, Occupy, etc.

    Your post made me think of a recent interview with Russell Brand. He guest edits the current issue of the New Statesman. Below is a link to the interview. In it he makes all the points you make and captures all the passion about it that you express. All well and good. But then he’s pressed to talk about his proposed solution and what he does is fall back upon the idea of socialist revolution.

    In order for our movement to gain traction we’ve got to do better than dragging out discredited ideas about “what to do.” Class struggle is inevitable given the disparities and oppressions of the system. It’s justifiable and we need to support it, but we also need to recognize that it’s a defensive aspect of the struggle. It’s not an end in itself and it doesn’t embody the solution. Rather than talking about socialist revolution Russell Brand needs to be talking about the greening of society.

    Newsnight interview with Jeremy Paxman / Russell Brand posted Oct. 23: