Becoming a Candidate

How to Become a Green Party Candidate 


1.) Visit Your Local County or Town Website

Research the political position you are interested in, and find out when the election cycle starts. Apply for the position or register for more information online to get started (if applicable). Call or e-mail your county or town's municipal office if you cannot find more information online, or want to be even more proactive about getting information.

Research Resources:


2.) Contact the Green Party of New Jersey for Support

Contact Julie or Steve to get you started in the Green Party. The Green Party will help you set up your campaign and platform.

Green Party of New Jersey Chair: Julie Saporito-Acuña 

Elections Committee Chair: Steve Welzer 

3.) Campaign and Spread the Word 

Talk to your local county and town residence about your platform. Start meet-ups, attend town meetings, and get people to know who you are and what you stand for. Create a website, Facebook page, twitter, and whatever else you need to get yourself out there. We will also list you on our candidates page as a Green Party supported candidate.

4.) Keep Running for Office, Again and Again!

You may not win your first time running, but being there and supporting the Green Party as a candidate is a big deal. Sometimes it take several runs for you to get into office, but that's okay. We need to make it a norm for the Green Party to be on every local ballot. 

FAQ About Becoming A Candidate

1.) Is being a public servant for my town or county a full-time job?

For many towns and counties, being a public servant is a part time job. 

2.) How much do public servants make?

You can research how much your desired position generally makes by clicking here. 

3.) Do I need to have a degree in Political Science, or do I need a Masters or PH.D?

No! Anyone can run for a political office. You do not need a major in political science, or a degree to get involved. 

4.) Do I need experience to run for office?

No previous experience is needed to run. All you need is the drive and desire to help your community and environment. You get the experience by running for office over and over!  





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