ACA (ObamaCare) is a Give-A-Way to Big Pharma

ACA (Obamacare) is a give-a-way to Big Pharma and Wall Street banksters. They are the big winners in this extremely complex scheme. We don't need health INSURANCE, we need health CARE! Expanded and improved Medicare for All would save $Millions in each state, and would provide much better care for everyone.

Medicare for All


Some uninsured people may benefit from the ACA temporarily but in the end everyone but the greedy profit makers will loose big time. This is why the "Health Industry" has fought so hard to hold on to their golden egg...and why workers, seniors, children and ordinary people will suffer with higher taxes, higher premiums and lower levels of care, and less education and prevention.

This is leading to a sicker, not a healthier America. Who benefits from this? Only the profiteers who benefit from our illness and injuries, much of which could have been prevented.

A message to Big Pharma and the Corporate Insurance Machine: Make a profit on my car? Fine. Make a profit on my house? Fine, Make a profit on my illness? I don't think so!

Other countries think our system is outrageously expensive and complex, resulting in poorer care and less wellness. For the sake of the health of our families, our communities, and our nation, we need to demand an end to this insanity. We need Improved Medicare for All!

Bill Reitter, Chair,

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