Roadtrip to Protest Citizens United with Bus for Progress

Five years ago, the Supreme Court released its decision on the Citizens United case. That decision, and several more that followed, changed the landscape of our entire political system. It has been described as the worst decision to come out of the Supreme Court in a century!

The court ruled that corporations have the same rights as people, and spending money is another form of free speech. Citizens United opened the path to Super PACs - a way for corporations to spend unlimited amounts of undisclosed money to sway elections. 

The American people are finally waking up to the reality of Citizens United, especially during election season when we are all bombarded with negative ads funded by these Super PACs. The 2014 election cost an estimated $3.7 billion nationwide, making it the most expensive midterm election in history. It is now estimated that each nominee running for President in 2016 will have to raise over $1 billion!

Ride the Bus for Progress to Washington, DC, on January 21, the 5th anniversary of the Citizens United decision. We'll join the growing chorus of citizens and groups across the country calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. We are working closely with our coalition partners at New Jersey for the Overturn of Citizens United

The rally will be held at noon in Lafayette Park, across from the US Chamber of Commerce building. No office in Washington has distorted the Citizens United decision more for its own corporate agenda. The rally will be an hour long, and include some very influential speakers (stay tuned). Following the rally, we'll walk to a nearby church to have lunch, hear more speakers, and discuss what can be done.

The Bus for Progress will make the following stops on January 21 (times subject to slight change):

6:30 AM at the Garden State Parkway (Wall Township) Mile 100 Rest Area.

7:10 AM at the Home Depot parking lot at 750 Route 130 in Robbinsville (just south of Highway 195, and 1 mile from NJ Turnpike Exit 7A).

7:50 AM at the Lowe's Home Improvement Center in Maple Shade, at the intersection of Routes 73 and 38, 1 mile west of Exit 36 on I-295.

Reserve your seat for $48 by clicking 2015 Bus Driver members receive a discount. Once all 25 seats have been reserved, the bus will be sold out. However, if enough additional seats are requested, a second bus many be considered. Please help us by reserving your seat as soon as possible! Proceeds support the Bus for Progress and its non-profit organization.

If you cannot attend the trip yourself, please consider sponsoring a student, senior or person with financial needs. Conversely, please reply to if you yourself need financial assistance to attend.

In the event of dangerous winter driving conditions, the trip will be canceled and all monies refunded. See our cancellation policy at

The Bus for Progress is a very fun and comfortable way to travel with a full restroom, ice box, coffee maker, tables, WiFi and electrical outlets. You are bound to make new friends along the way! 

We must reverse the Citizens United decision so that our representatives in Congress work for us, not corporations with deep pockets. This issue is central to all others that the Bus for Progress has fought so hard for! Invite your friends and fellow activists to join us, regardless of their party affiliation - this is not a partisan issue!

January 21, 2015 at 6:30am - 6:30pm
Lafayette Park, Washington D.C.

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